Decorating Tip: How to Choose Curtains to Complete Your Décor

Decorating Tip: How to Choose Curtains to Complete Your Décor

Posted by Laura McNeely on Sep 10th 2018

Decorate like a Pro with these easy steps for curtain selection

When it comes to decorating, most people leave the curtains to last. It’s probably because there are so many choices it can be overwhelming—what style, what length, etc. But curtains are an important part of your interior design and add privacy, filter sunlight, and add warmth to your rooms! So, don’t leave your rooms unfinished—follow these steps and add beautiful window treatments to complete your décor!

Step 1 – Choose whether you want to mount your curtains outside or inside the window frame.

The outside mount is the most common style since it makes your window appear larger and provides full coverage to block out sunlight. While the inside mount doesn’t completely block out the sunlight, the curtains still provide plenty of privacy.

Step 2 – Determine which length you like best.

You can choose curtains that end at the window sill, ones that hang 4” – 6” below the window frame (apron length), curtains that are almost to the floor (within an inch), ones that “kiss” the floor, OR curtains that gently pool on the floor (best for fabrics that are not stiff).

Step 3 – Measure your window using a metal measuring tape.

For the length, start at the top of the window frame and measure down to your desired length. If you’re installing your rod above the window frame, measure up from the top of the window frame to the desired height. Add both measurements together. (The rod can be installed anywhere between the top of the frame and the ceiling – from just above the frame to just a few inches below the ceiling.) For the width, measure across the window from outside frame to outside frame and add 10% on each side so your curtains will frame the window. Curtain widths are usually 1 ½ - 3 times the final width measurement of your window.

Step 4 – Choose the curtain heading style and lining option

Choose the style heading that will function well in your room and decide if you’d like the curtains lined or unlined. Close to Custom Linens regularly offers these 3 styles:

  • Rod Pocket Curtains (A) – have a casing sewn across the top that is open on both ends; the rod feeds through the casing, allowing the curtain to gather slightly. The rod pocket is typically 3” wide with a 2” header (ruffle above the rod pocket.) Rod pocket curtains are difficult to slide on the rod so they’re best used as decorative panels.
  • Tab Top Curtains (B) – have 3.5” long fabric loops and are used on a decorative pole. They’re also more decorative than functional.
  • Pinch-Pleated Curtains (C) – have 2-finger or 3-finger pleats at the top of the curtains (depending on the thickness of the fabric). They are usually attached to curtain rings or a traverse rod with small drapery pins, making them easy to open and close.

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Need another style?

Close to Custom Linens can also make custom curtain panels with back tabs or curtain panels with buckram (stiffening fabric) at the top. Please contact us if you need assistance or have questions at or call 828-612-4499.

Stay tuned for information about another wonderful option - VALANCES - to dress up your windows with blinds or shades!