Decorating Tip: How to Choose the Correct Tablecloth Size

Decorating Tip: How to Choose the Correct Tablecloth Size

Feb 20th 2019

Decorate like a Pro with these easy steps for selecting a size for your tablecloth!

beautiful tablecloth is a wonderful way to spruce up your dining table or end tables. Selecting the right size tablecloth is actually not hard. We'll show you how to approach sizing in an easy way!

Use our handy infographic above, or follow these steps for calculating the size to order your tablecloth...

Step 1 - What is the shape and occasion?

Start with the shape of the table and then determine the type of occasion you’re planning.  For casual events, we recommend the overhang be 6–8 inches from the edge of the table to the bottom of the tablecloth. For formal occasions, we recommend a more luxurious and deep drop of 10–15 inches. For round tables used as side/end tables in your bedroom or living room, we like the look of floor length tablecloths.

Step 2 - What is the size?

Once you’ve decided the tone of your occasion, it’s easy to determine the correct size of your tablecloth by following these simple formulas.

    For a RECTANGULAR or SQUARE tablecloth, measure the length and width of your table and then add twice the desired drop to each side’s dimension.

Here’s an example:

If your table is 60” long and 36” wide and you want a drop of 8” on each side, you would add 16” to the length and 16” to the width, making your finished tablecloth 76” long and 52” wide.

    For a ROUND tablecloth, measure the diameter of the table and add twice the desired drop length.

Here’s an example for a dining table:

If the diameter of your round dining table is 54” wide and you want a drop of 10”, you would add 20” to the diameter, making your finished tablecloth 74” round.

Here’s an example for a side/end table:

If you want a floor length drop for your bedroom side table, you’ll need the table’s diameter and the table’s height measurement. If the diameter is 30” and the height is 30” from the edge of the table to the floor, you’d add twice the height measurement (60”) to the diameter (30”), making the finished tablecloth 90” round.

It’s that simple!

Finally, add a few finishing touches with flowers, candles or centerpieces that reflect your personality and style! ENJOY!

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